An electrifying new brand image for Gouach

3 years ago, Gouach was created. After two years of research and development and a fundraising of 3.3 million euros, Gouach has given itself a new style and has opted for a branding, in line with its mission, its values and its and its technology.

WE HAVE A MISSION: to put an end to programmed obsolescence of batteries. The Gouach brand now has the image it deserves.

A bold brand, just like Gouach batteries

We wanted our image to clearly express who we are. The battery revolutionaries, the innovation, the world of the future.

Gouach is made up of a dynamic team of innovators, thinkers and hard workers. We have the power to change the world with our repairable and sustainable battery. We knew that such a bold idea had to reflect our brand.

Thanks to the creativity of the Lord agency, Gouach has been transformed. A unique, interactive design, bright colors and striking graphics.

The new Gouach logo was designed on a simple geometric construction to create a visual impact.

The iconography of Gouach is composed of three assets to the image of the power of our battery: icon, sphere, plus.

The reflection of our energy

Our brand image is a reflection of our personality. Gouach is adventurous, pioneering, ambitious and daring.

Gouach is... freedom, autonomy, independence. Sustainability and respect for the environment.
Technology expert, creativity, originality, innovation, data mindset.
Transparency, honesty and respect for commitments.