Here we have collected the most common questions we get about Gouach


How does the technology work?

Gouach batteries are composed of a core pack within an outer battery case. The core pack comprises cells held in place by an all-encompassing cell holder, and together with the connected BMS (battery management system), they are secured between two contact plates by several bolts.

What is the cell holder ?

The patented all-encompassing cell holder provides better structural strength and protection to the core pack, extends the cell life by conducting and distributing heat away from cells and prevents thermal runaway propagation through the individual cell isolation design.

What are contact plates?

The patented fully-integrated contact plates hold the cells and BMS together andintegrate the busbars, individually-fused contact tabs and thermistors. The high conductivity contact tabs are impervious to vibration frequencies and high G force, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Lastly, the cable-free design allows for effortless assembly, disassembly, and repair.How is the Gouach BMS different compared to conventional BMS ?

How is the Gouach BMS different compared to conventional BMS ?

The Gouach BMS is connected, enabling remote monitoring, diagnosis and over-the-air (OTA) updates. It also logs the cell life cycle, which allows rapid second-life application allocation. The useful data is open to customers and clients via API to integrate and optimise their operations.

Where can a Gouach battery be mounted on a bicycle?

The BlackPack40 and BlackPack50 models can be mounted on the frame’s down tube, in front of or behind the seat tube or on the rear pannier rack. The battery is mounted on the baseboard through a sliding motion in the direction of the mounting. It is recommended only to mount the battery at an upward sloping angle on the downtube or flat on a pannier rack.

Which controllers is the battery compatible with ?

Gouach batteries communicate with controllers and electric bicycle systems from most major brands. Do not hesitate to contact us to check if your system is currently compatible.

**There might be an NRE cost for CAN intergration

I have an electric bike or scooter. Can I replace my battery with a Gouach battery?

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, it is not advisable to use a third-party replacement battery or repair service. You should always go back to your manufacturer for replacement batteries. Gouach is always looking for new partnerships so let us know which manufacturer we should work with next!

1 am building my own electric bicycle, can I buy a Gouach battery to electrify my own bike ?

Due to regulatory reasons, we are not able to directly provide batteries to end users as part of electrification projects.

What kind of cells does Gouach use ?

Gouach uses Japanese and Korean second-life cells to assemble battery packs. The individual cells undergo a comprehensive range of tests that assure their performance, reliability and safety before they are approved to be used in a Gouach battery. The cells are then graded and sorted according to impedance groups for assembly in battery packs.

What are circular economy cells ?

Gouach batteries are made up of cells from batteries where a component has failed, which were unrepairable due to the battery’s design. These are dismantled and the cells tested to identify the ones with a usable capacity (above 10 Wh per cell). They are then sorted to create new battery packs integrating Gouach repairable design and technology.

What is the range autonomy of a Gouach battery ?

The range autonomy of the battery depends on many factors, including but not limited to, the electric bicycle system, the bicycle, the rider, the terrain and the environment. The Gouach battery performs at least the same or better compared to similarly rated conventional batteries.

What is the energy capacity of Gouach batteries?

Gouach batteries have an energy capacity that varies depending on the model:

Are Gouach batteries heavier than conventional batteries?

For enhanced safety, Gouach batteries have additional safety features including the patented all-encompassing cell holder which provides better structural strength, extends cell life by distributing away heat and individual cell isolation in case of thermal runaway. This adds about 400g more of material to the BlackPack.

Why are the capacity of the BlackPacks lower than comparable battery packs?

Gouach battery pack design requirements follow a more stringent safety standard including greater cell spacing. As a result, it is possible that there are battery packs of similar physical dimensions which pack more cells in a similar space envelope.

How long does a Gouach battery last ?

The lifetime of a battery is measured in full charge and discharge cycles. Gouach batteries are warranted to retain 70% of their original capacity over 500 charge cycles or 25 months from date of manufacture. Following the instructions relating to the care of the battery will help ensure longevity of the battery.

How do I care for the battery ?
What certifications does a Gouach battery have ?

Les batteries Gouach disposent des certifications suivantes :

         - IEC62133-2: Battery safety
         - UN38.3: Manual of test for dangerous transport
         - ISO13849 : BMS functional safety
         - 2014/30/EU : CEM directive
         - EN/ETSI 300328 V2.2.2: RED directive


What is the difference between renting and buying a Gouach battery ?

Gouach offers two types of products and services:

Battery as a Service (rental)

The battery is rented, and the client has a continuous service. In the event of a failure, the battery is replaced immediately from an overstock held at the client’s location. The overstock is managed regularly by Gouach. Battery as a Service has a lower total cost of ownership for the client particularly when taking into consideration:

*  the operations and logistics costs
* cash-flow management of a rental operator
* the inventory management (constant number of batteries available with backward compatibility)
* Be accompanied by real battery professionals (training, safety management, carbon footprint measurement etc)

Repair on Demand (purchase)

The manufacturer brand customer purchases the battery to vend within an integrated application (e.g., electric bicycle). During and after the warranty period, the manufacturer is the initial touch point for the end-user to identify the after-sales needs of the end-user. The necessary services, such as repair or regeneration, are ordered from Gouach, who will then take over the interaction and deal directly with the end-user.  Repair on Demand batteries are regenerated at a fraction of the purchase price extending the life of the integrated application at a lower cost to the end-consumer while reducing the after-sales effort required of the manufacturer.


Is it possible to order a sample ?

In order to test Gouach batteries, you can order a sample through our website or by contacting us via email customer@gouach.com. The prices are listed in the table below.

The price difference between the unit sample price and volume order price will be given as a rebate in the form of a credit note upon the first volume order.

What are the minimum quantities for ordering a battery?

There is no minimum order quantity as long as a forecast is provided. There is, however, price differences based on annual order quantity.


What is the MSRP of the BlackPacks?


Why is the Gouach battery connected and what data are collected?

In order to improve our product, and to diagnose any issue with customer batteries, Gouach collects data on the battery.  This allows for remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates. We also log cell-life data which allows for rapid second-life cell application allocation.  These data are transmitted to Gouach when the battery is connected to a Wi-Fi network connected to the internet. These data are stored in our database for further analysis. Collected data include: voltage, intensity, errors, and changes of state of the battery at different times of the day. All data collected are in line with European GDPR regulations. We do not share your data with any third parties. You can request a copy of your data or deletion of the data at any time by contacting our customer service."

after sale

What is the warranty on the Gouach battery?

Gouach batteries are warranted to retain 70% of their original capacity over 500 charge cycles or 25 months from date of manufacture. Following the instructions relating to the care of the battery will help ensure longevity of the battery.

What is covered by the warranty ?

The Gouach warranty covers the battery under normal intended use. The following are excluded from the warranty :
1. Use outside of the intended specification and temperature range usage
2. The outer battery case
3. Failures as a result of a damaged battery case
4. Water ingress
5. Failure to exercise recommended proper care
6. Use with an unapproved charger

end of life of the battery

What happens to the old cells of a battery needing repair or regeneration?

Once removed from a battery (in the event of regeneration or failure), the cells will be tested. If they are still in working order, they will be reused for a new purpose (such as robots and stationary energy storage). If they no longer work, they will go to recycling, with our partner SCRELEC.