Today, we all face a life-altering choice – one that will define the future for us and for our children. Will we continue to let profit-greedy corporations drown our futures in a sea of disposable products ? Or will we demand sustainable products, re-usable products, lower ecological footprints ?


in power to the people – power to act to protect the best interests of our communities and our planet.

We reject a system in which we hang on the whims of corporations, hoping that they will care for us and our belongings, while we are kept in the dark.

A system which makes us feel helpless, hopeless and powerless.

We want to claim full ownership of the products we buy. We claim the right to the knowledge and the tools to sustain and care for them, so that each product becomes a life-long prized possession.

WE claim

the right to long-lasting, fixable, sustainable products.

Above all, we claim the right to transparency. It is only by acknowledging our impact on the planet that we can act freely and honestly.

Free and honest action – our power – should no longer be kept from us.


Let's fight planned obsolescence together

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