Today we all face a life-altering choice. Do we continue to allow profit-greedy corporations to drown our futures in a sea of disposable products? Or will we stand up against this, and demand for long-lasting products.


in power to the people, power to our communities and power to our planet.

We reject the system in which we rely on the words of corporations, hoping they care for us and our products whilst we are kept in the dark to reality.  We reject the system that makes us feel dependent, and powerless in our daily lives.

A system which makes us feel helpless, hopeless and powerless.

We want to claim full ownership of the products we buy. To be given the knowledge and tools to be able to sustain and care for them, so that each item has the capacity for full usability and endurance; even when we’re finished with them.

WE claim

the right to repairable, sustainable products.

And above all, we claim the right to transparency. It is only through clear understanding and acknowledgment of our impact on the planet, that we can choose freely and honestly.

Power to the people. Power to the earth


Let's fight planned obsolescence together

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