Step into the future

Gouach batteries meet all your micromobility needs and expectations

Easy to install, Gouach batteries make life simple.

Gouach battery electronics are easy to repair.

No soldering
No cables

Easy To Fix :
Battery cells

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Smart battery

Our batteries provide data

Gouach app tells you all you need to know about your battery’s lifecycle.
Get an offline diagnosis

Once your fleet is back at the warehouse, get full access to data such as: number of battery cycles, state of charge, state of health, or any error report


Our battery emits 4 times less CO2eq. than a regular battery

Circular economy

Easy to fix :
battery cells

Second life

We contribute to give access to energy to off-grid communities

giving our batteries a second life to power off grid solar lighting


Made from recycled materials
Designed, manufactured and assembled in France


Compliance of cells accredited by LCIE Bureau Veritas (Laboratoire Central Industries Electriques)

Certifications : EN62133 / UN38.3

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