Gouach Batteries: Eco-Design, Monitoring, and Repair Capabilities Unveiled

Gouach, the cutting-edge online battery design and production marketplace, empowers product designers to redefine their batteries with ease. From conceptualization to integration, Gouach accelerates the journey from online design to ready-to-integrate, production-grade samples in less than a month!

Gouach is built around a sustainable patented eco-design which makes batteries easy to build and to repair, and slashes their carbon footprint by as much as 50%. Gouach Batteries are also smart and connected, providing features such as encrypted data communication, BLE and wifi connectivity for real-time monitoring andpredictive safety alerts.

✅ Our technology is validated, industrialized, and has proven its reliability by powering 1.9 million trips with 1500 batteries in service.

It’s all about power and control

Take complete control of your product energy source with Gouach Batteries. By using Gouach, you control the design and included features of your batteries, as well as the monitoring, repair and second-life reuse processes of your batteries, putting you in the driver's seat.

👉 You have unprecedented control over the performance and longevity of your power solution.

Responsibility Meets Innovation (EU Regulatory Compliance):

Gouach Batteries stands at the forefront of sustainability by ensuring strict compliance with the latest EU regulations. This commitment underscores our dedication to meeting the highest standards in environmental responsibility, providing users with a future-proof, regulatory-compliant energy solution.

👉 Learn more about the requirements for repairable batteries starting 2027.

Easy to design, easy to scale.

Our intuitive Gouach Battery Builder allows anyone to design a battery in minutes, and get samples in under a month.

The builder lets you choose all the characteristics of your cells, BMS and battery, and gives you a real-time price estimate for your battery. You can download the battery 3D model to integrate it in your CAD software, and get a link to share your design with anyone.

Once your design is ready, our manufacturer marketplace allows you to scale your battery to hundred of thousands of units anywhere on the planet, our design making it possible to ensure that they all produce the same high-quality battery.

👉 You can learn more on how to use the builder by reading the Gouach Battery Builder documentation.

Smart, connected and safer batteries

The integration of numerous sensors and connectivity features in Gouach batteries facilitates real-time fleet monitoring, instantaneous safety notifications, and advanced BMS safety measures. This technology ensures not just operational efficiency but also proactive hazard prevention, creating a safer environment for battery deployment and usage.

👉 By using Gouach batteries, you can access an API to retrieve the state of all of your battery, get alerts, and send Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

A new era of sustainable batteries


The no-weld design empowers clients to change any part of the battery, fast, safely and easily. This innovation not only enhances longevity but also minimizes maintenance costs.

Second life of cells

Embracing a commitment to zero material waste, Gouach gives you the possibility of using second life cells, that are still in perfect condition. This will divide your product's carbon footprint, as well as the battery cost.

👉 Using Gouach shows your clients that your are a responsible manufacturer, caring about the durability of its products.