Gouach Takes a Tour of the Alps

While the Tour de France goes on in full swing, we're thrilled to share another exciting adventure with you. The Sun Trip is an extraordinary journey that follows intrepid cyclists, as they cover hundreds of kilometers across magnificent landscapes, all powered by solar energy. This year, we had the honor of sponsoring Adrien Acres, a true adventurer, whose palpable determination was on show as he embraced this remarkable challenge.

The Sun Trip offers participants a choice; to either conquer the various stages individually or as part of a group. They are free to take on the journey as they wish and adapt the route to their own strategy in order to maximize solar energy and battery power.

A passionate cyclist and explorer, Adrien has nurtured a lifelong dream of constructing his very own solar-powered bike and embarking on an exhilarating adventure. Fueled by inspiration, he decided to base his creation on the Vhélio, an open-source vehicle known for its solidarity-based approach.

Sourced from France and crafted with an aluminum tubular frame and stainless steel boiler work, Adrien's bike is both robust and durable. Equipped with 460W tiltable solar panels and three Gouach batteries, each with a capacity of 20Ah, his vehicle is ready to conquer any challenge that awaits.

Adrien is one of the few participants to have constructed his bike only using readily available standard components. His bike embodies durability, and in the event of a breakdown, Adrien's repair process is straightforward - a simple aluminum piece replacement and a quick screw change. A philosophy that aligns seamlessly with Gouach's values.

Throughout the entirety of the journey, the Gouach batteries could recharge as needed thanks to the energy from Adrien’s solar panels. They allowed his bike to travel long distances daily, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Only a third of the participants managed to complete all the stages on solar power alone, all the way to the finish line!

The ascent of the Col du Galibier, at an altitude of 2642 metres, was a landmark moment for Adrien. The physical exertion invoked a sense of encouragement as he headed for the summit of the fourth-highest road pass in the French Alps. This achievement symbolized success and confidence for the next stages and Adrien’s face says it all in the photo.

Weather, kilometers, altitude, battery levels, and muscle fatigue are all factors that participants have to juggle...

Also on the route: the Stelvio pass, the highest road pass in the Italian Alps, peaking at 2758 meters above sea level. Adrien had to face intense wind whilst gripping the solar panels on his bike for fear they would fly away. The ascent of this mythical pass, with its endless hairpin bends, was a grueling test that put his mental and physical resistance to the test.

The Sun Trip is not a walk in the park! On the contrary, it is an adventure that tests both the bike and the cyclists' mental strength. In extreme weather conditions, with significant elevation changes, Gouach batteries have proven their reliability.

These batteries have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations. They have met all challenges brilliantly, showing no signs of weakness. In case of direct exposure to the sun and reaching their temperature limit, they have been equipped with an intelligent system that automatically puts them in safety to preserve their integrity. This feature demonstrates the quality and safety built into their design.

Adrien's well-deserved victory as the favourite of the Sun Trip is a testament to all the reasons he triumphed. We are proud to have supported him throughout this incredible journey and extend our heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering determination, passion, and indomitable spirit of adventure.

His story resonates deeply with our shared values and core principles, embodying the essence of "Do it Yourself," perseverance, and the desire to build a better future together. Even in the face of doubt and discouragement, Adrien's unwavering self-belief serves as a powerful reminder to believe in yourself!

See you soon for new adventures!