Gouach raises 3.3 million euros! (revolutionising the battery industry)

It's a big step in the world of electronics! Gouach raises 3.3 million euros from Breega investors, along with the support of business angels, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and Bpifrance to market its repairable, durable and connected batteries: a first in the world of batteries!

Empowering soft, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility

It all started during lockdown in the city of Bordeaux, France... Gouach founder, Alex, transformed an old 1960s moped into an electric bike. While building his custom battery, he realised that the small, individual lithium-ion cells in every one, were in fact present ALL AROUND US. These cells provide energy and contain rare metals. However, the exploding worldwide demand for batteries is resulting in an ecological disaster: 80% of battery cells are still in perfect condition when the battery itself is discarded.

That's right...another business model based on programmed obsolescence. Alexandre then thought of something that would change the way electric bikes were designed forever: why throw away the batteries and not repair them? If you want to know more, we recommend his great TEDX.

Alexandre has taken on the challenge and appointed himself the mission of empowering soft, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

The first repairable, durable and connected battery

That's how Gouach was born (see the french expression: "avoir la Gouache!"). After several months of research and development, and obtaining the necessary certifications, Gouach is providing the first electric battery for bikes, scooters and other small electric vehicles, completely designed and manufactured in France, but above all, repairable.


The Gouach battery in a few key points

  • Reduces volume of electronic waste and has a 70% carbon footprint reduction
  • 2.6 times less CO2 emissions and 2.5 times less water consumption*
  • A circular bicycle economy: local repairs, local jobs, opposing programmed obsolescence
  • Reusability, recycling, and possibility of second life for used cells

The 3.3 million euros will be used to...?

A symbol of the profound changes in the micro-mobility market

This is a sign that a big change is coming to the micro-mobility market, and it's time to take into account the notions of sustainability and reparability.

"Current shortages confirm it: business models based on obsolescence have no future in a world where reserves are ultimately exhaustible. At Gouach, our goal is to build and market the first electric battery for bicycles and scooters that can be fully repaired in less than 10 minutes. It's a big challenge but we are convinced we can do it. For us, the support of Breega and our investors is a strong signal that a profound change is underway." - Alexandre Vallette, CEO at Gouach

"Gouach is the first European company to tackle the problem of battery obsolescence in the micro-mobility sector in-depth. Its patented, smart and repairable battery is a must-have for micro-mobility manufacturers and suppliers, allowing them to reduce both costs and carbon footprint. At Breega, we are therefore delighted to support the talented founders of Gouach: Alexandre, Maxime and Maël, and their team in their mission to make soft mobility both more efficient and more environmentally friendly." - Maximilien Bacot, Founding Partner at Breega

We thank all those who support Gouach, now let's go revolutionize the world of batteries. 🚀

*while being equally effective, according to a study conducted by Magelan