Gouach Wins TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Gold Award - Green Prize for Its Eco-Designed Battery

French repairable battery manufacturer, Gouach, has won the prestigious TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Gold Award - Green Prize for its eco-designed, repairable battery for micromobility. The TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards, which received nearly 140 entries from 12 different countries, recognized Gouach's commitment to battery sustainability and eco-design.

Gouach's mission is to build the first electric battery for bikes and scooters that can be fully repaired in less than 10 minutes. The startup company is opposed to the programmed obsolescence model of batteries. Their solderless design allows worn components or cells to be replaced, cutting down the battery carbon emissions by 4. The battery also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, helping to maximize battery life.

The batteries are designed, manufactured and assembled in France. This local approach is at the heart of Gouach's commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

“We are honored to receive the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Gold Award - Green Prize for our eco-designed battery,” said Alexandre Vallette, CEO and founder of Gouach. “Our mission is to challenge the model of planned battery obsolescence, but also to make repairability the norm in the micromobility industry. This award recognizes our commitment to sustainability and innovation in battery design”.

Founded in 2018, Gouach designs, manufactures and assembles its batteries in France. Innovative design and commitment to sustainability have made Gouach an industry leader in repairable batteries for micromobility.

At Gouach, we are proud to continue innovating and building a more sustainable future for micromobility. We will continue to work hard to provide repairable and eco-friendly battery solutions, to help bike and scooter users get around in a more sustainable and responsible way.