Gouach's Victorious Battle for Cell Removability and Replacement

Breaking barriers and championing green innovation, we are proud to say that Gouach has emerged triumphant in the battle for the removability and replaceability of cells in LMT batteries. Our position paper, a powerful message sent to the EU Commission, highlighted the critical significance and transformative potential of Article 11 of the new EU Battery Regulation.

Article 11 states that any legal persons placing on the market products incorporating LMT batteries will have to ensure that batteries and individual battery cells included in the battery pack are easily removable and replaceable at any time by an independent professional.

We crafted our position paper to explain why this legislation should be upheld as originally proposed by the European Commission, emphasizing how it would propel the energy transition and foster the development of a circular economy in the industry. Despite facing resistance from major industry players, we remained resolute in our belief that Article 11 was indispensable for driving the transition to a sustainable economy.

Our passion and unwavering engagement were pivotal in ensuring that our voice was heard. The Commission not only acknowledged our plea, but also commended us for providing a concise and compelling explanation of the economic, technical, and safe feasibility of cell replacement. The contents of Article 11 will remain as proposed, marking a crucial landmark for the battery industry!

We want to extend our gratitude to HOP (Halt à l’obsolescence programmée), BAM, the Right to Repair Europe campaign, the European Environmental Bureau, and Environmental Action Germany for their support and solidarity with our paper.

At Gouach, our commitment to green innovation goes beyond rhetoric. Our eco-design batteries are a tangible demonstration of how Article 11 will revolutionize the industry through the reuse of cells, promoting sustainability at every step of the battery life cycle. We want to stress that our number one priority is safety and we will actively strive to ensure that the security guidelines of this law are uncompromised whilst implementing effective measures to support the transition towards a circular economy. We are 100% committed to establishing resource efficiency and recyclability of batteries with a high standard of safety.

With that being said, Gouach has decided to take a momentous step to further propel the development of a circular economy. In a bold move, we are going to begin licensing our battery technology to support industry players in implementing this future legislation and ensure widespread adoption of cell reusability. By granting access to our cutting-edge technology, we are confident that we can contribute to the realization of a more sustainable future in alignment with the forthcoming European law.

Gouach aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, encouraging a collective effort towards a greener future. We believe that by working together, the battery industry can break down barriers by reducing electronic waste through cell reuse and promoting sustainable practices to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.