Repairable batteries now available to all micromobility players : Gouach reveals 4 models available to order

Bordeaux, February 1, 2023 - Gouach, the French manufacturer of the first eco-designed, repairable battery in a circular economy, is launching the commercialition of four models in series, in order to democratize the repairability of batteries in the micromobility sector. These batteries benefit from Gouach's modular and connected technology and are now available to all professionals in the sector.

Gouach is committed to providing users with the right to repairs

After conducting a study showing that 80% of lithium cells are still in perfect condition when a battery is thrown away, the Bordeaux-based startup Gouach has set itself the mission of enabling soft, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Gouach now offers four battery configurations for micromobility professionals.

These batteries will meet the needs of bicycle, cargo bike and scooter manufacturers, self-service operators, delivery and electrification companies, among others.

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The first eco-designed batteries made with second life cells

Gouach batteries are made of cells from batteries that cannot be repaired because of their design but whose components are in perfect working order. These are disassembled, then the cells are tested to identify those that have an optimal capacity for micromobility. They are then sorted to create new battery packs incorporating Gouach's repairable design and technology.

About Gouach batteries

The Gouach battery has an innovative and patented design, where defective components can be replaced very easily and safely. With no-spot-weld technology the battery has a minimum of components for easy repair and recycling. 

It also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. Internal algorithms help optimize battery life.

The Gouach battery is designed and manufactured in France. It reduces the volume of electronic waste and decreases the ecological footprint of the battery by 4.