How is a Gouach battery made: a step-by-step guide

Gouach provides batteries for small electric mobility, designed and manufactured in France, made from second life cells. Here is a step-by-step guide to the manufacturing process of a Gouach battery in Bordeaux.

Step 1 : Dismantling and recovery of cells

Gouach batteries are made of cells from old batteries, such as in scooters and bicycles, that cannot be repaired due to their design.

The first step is to dismantle the batteries that are no longer working but whose components are in perfect working order.

Gouach or one of its service providers carries out the dismantling.

Once the cells are recovered, they are cleaned before being tested.

Step 2: Testing and classification of cells

The cells are tested and then classified to identify those with optimal capacity for micromobility.

Step 3: Manufacturing the Gouach electronic components

The BMS (Battery Management System) is the brain of the battery, responsible for safety, balancing, connectivity and much more.

The manufacturing process involves depositing the paste, placing the components by pick and place, and firing.

The same process is used for manufacturing other circuit boards. Gouach also manufactures its own contact plates

Step 4 : Testing of circuit boards

After manufacturing, each circuit board is rigorously tested before going to assembly. For this process, Gouach has designed and developed its test bench with its own code and cryptographic key.

Step 5 : Assembly, cell layout and spacer installation

The cells are placed in order to obtain the desired power and autonomy. A part called the ****"spacer" is used to hold the cells in place. The cells are inserted into the spacer. Gouach has designed and patented the spacer to meet the needs of safety, ease of assembly, repair, and recycling.

Step 6 : Assembly, installation of the contact and pressure plates and screwing

Once the cells are tightened inside the spacer, two contact plates are used to make all the electrical connections.

Depending on the model, pressure plates are also installed.

The Gouach battery is designed to be assembled with only a few screws to facilitate repair, disassembly, and recycling. The final casing is then assembled.

Step 7 : Battery testing procedure

End-of-line tests are carried out to ensure that the batteries comply with European standards and requirements, including charge and discharge formation