New EU Battery Regulation encourages cell replacement for a circular economy

The European Commission’s latest Battery Regulation proposal aims to make Europe a champion of sustainable battery supply chains.

The new legislation, passed in December 2022, intends to develop circular economy standards and reduce carbon emissions. Article 11: removability and replaceability is particularly interesting to us at Gouach, as it supports the development of repairable batteries through the use of cell removal.

The requirement of cell removability and replaceability is a crucial aspect in the Battery Regulation. This kind of battery manufacturing will allow the transition to a much more resource-efficient value chain.

Having undergone rigorous testing, Gouach’s eco-design battery has proven that efficient and secure cell removal is possible. Gouach batteries use an innovative no-weld technique that allows cells to be removed and replaced as needed, prolonging battery life and performance. Our batteries also demonstrate significant environmental benefits through cell replacement, by diving our carbon footprint up to four times and saving 329,000 tons of mined earth!

Cell replacement will change the meaning of battery recycling, and implement much more sustainable practices throughout the industry. The approval of article 11 is an absolutely vital part of the Battery Regulation, in order to ensure a low-carbon future and the creation of a circular economy.